Vincent J. Iuliano, Davis, Grass, Goldstein & Finlay

I have had the pleasure of working with Tsongas for many years. The insightful diagnoses
of issues with witness demeanor and their recommendations to resolve them is a major
litigation resource for my practice. On every occasion in which I have used Tsongas’
services, the nervous, insecure or combative target witness has successfully morphed
into the calm, professional and trustworthy witness. This achievement was due in no
small part to the expertise and skills of the professionals at Tsongas. Together, we
achieve the goal of having the client provide her/his testimony in the most persuasive
and authentic manner. I have personally watched this witness evolution, sometimes over
multiple sessions; however, mostly, only one session is required. I am very grateful to
have Tsongas’ services in my litigation tool box to use for the benefit of my clients. I
highly recommend their services, especially for that witness who appears on the surface
to be the most difficult, unlikeable and intractable of witnesses. I look forward to many
more years of collaboration with Tsongas.