Richard Yarmuth, Yarmuth Wilsdon PLLC

“Tsongas Consulting is well known in the Seattle legal arena. Our firm has called on Tsongas in numerous capacities through the years, but their services go beyond just jury trial consulting. Most recently we turned to them for some targeted advocacy training – an effort to enhance the effectiveness of one of our outstanding young female partners who was handling a very important arbitration for our client. Working closely to prepare her for a key opening statement in front of the tribunal, they helped refine the force of the argument, simplify the case themes, assess the nonverbal and verbal form and style, and suggested changes in the presentation style. With their background in argument theory and practice, and in public speaking and communication, the consultation sessions were very well conceived and executed, and well worth the expense. The engagement was well received by our partner and by our client and the argument in front of the tribunal went extremely well. I highly recommend Tsongas. They are exceptional at what they do.”