Peter E. Strand, Shook Hardy & Bacon

I’ve been trying cases for more than 35 years and had never used a shadow jury.  In the past, I had concerns about both the courtroom logistics and cost of a shadow jury.  Now that I’ve completed a trial with the Tsongas team using a shadow jury, I am a believer.  The Tsongas approach is seamless, makes no additional demands on a busy trial team, and provides invaluable insights in an efficient format at the end of each trial day.  You actually get an answer to the question, “How are we doing?” from the perspective of a layperson and a good feel for what the jury may be thinking.  Ultimately, the feedback we obtain during our trial, and the thoughtful guidance Tsongas provided for our use of that information, played an important role in how we tried our case and allowed us to secure a favorable result.