“I consider using Tsongas’ services in every case I handle, not just in large exposure cases. Their case strategy process provides me with different types and levels of service customized for the case so I know I’ve always done my “jury due diligence.” I have done many mock trials with many different Tsongas trial consultants. I have always come away with critical insights that were essential prior to trial or ADR. However, I believe that Tsongas is very attuned to the fact that not every case needs a full blown mock trial. They offer cost effective alternatives and my clients appreciate that.”

- David A. Ernst , Davis Wright Tremaine, Portland, OR

“Tsongas provided valuable assistance through a strategy session for a multi-million federal court plaintiff case involving the sale of a business. The complicated, multi-facet claims included breaches of representations and warranties, self-dealing, accounting errors, and a myriad of other issues. In the strategy session Tsongas helped the client and lawyers determine the best story and eliminate extraneous details, while spotlighting the strengths and minimizing weaknesses. This effort was capped with a fine written report, and graphic charts and demonstrative aids that could be used at trial to illustrate the case in pictures as well as words. I look forward to working with Tsongas trial consultants again.”

- Roger J. Kindley , Ryan Swanson & Cleveland, Seattle, WA

“I’ve engaged Tsongas on jury trials, bench trials, and arbitrations to collectively develop a strong and persuasive case story that can guide discovery and deposition preparation. They have helped me in intellectual property matters, securities litigation, and other complex commercial cases.  The Tsongas team has helped us prepare jury questionnaires, organize pre-trial focus groups and pick a jury and run Shadow Juries for us. I know when I retain Tsongas that I’m retaining the best around, and Tsongas works hard to meet our case schedule, as unreasonable as it may be. They are also very helpful in providing ideas for graphics and other court demonstratives. I do not hesitate to recommend Tsongas trial consultants to other attorneys nor to recommend their retention to my clients.”

- Peter Ehrlichman , Dorsey & Whitney, Seattle, WA

“We resolved our Clark County Nevada case at a reasonable figure in large part because we consulted you and you provided us, through a mock trial and jury consultation, with information we used to analyze our case and structure our settlement. Our case was a seven figure, possibly eight figure, personal injury case.

You set up a four panel mock jury in Las Vegas. The jurors your staff selected from the local populace were just like jurors I see in Las Vegas courts. Your price for all this work was imminently reasonable. We settled our case at Mediation just over a month after the mock trial and my client was very satisfied with the settlement.”

- Norman F. Boxley , Floyd, Skeren & Kelly, LLP, Las Vegas, NV

“I have worked with Tsongas jury consultants on my most significant Las Vegas jury cases in recent years, including breach of contract and fraud cases. Tsongas is reliable and responsive, providing top notch advice on case strategy, opening and closing arguments, litigation graphics conceptualization and production, witness analysis, and strategic jury selection. Its consultants offer a different and useful perspective on jury behaviors and principles of effective persuasion. Tsongas’ work reflects its understanding of our local jury pool, and its unique and detailed methods of detecting high risk juror bias merge quantitative analysis of juror characteristics with qualitative and insightful evaluations of prospective jurors. Tsongas provides efficient value, from inception through trial, and its services should be considered for all of your significant jury cases.”

- Peter C. Bernhard , Kaempfer Crowell, Las Vegas, NV

“I was impressed by the way Tsongas trial consultants have helped analyze and assess multiple complex issues in several recent cases, involving a toxic tort matter and product liability case. Their case strategy process was of high value, focusing the team on the key issues, sharpening our strengths, identifying areas of strategic concern and helping us craft a stronger case theory. They have performed several large scale focus group exercises on a complex case. My client and I were pleased with their attention to detail in their research methodology, their execution of the research, as well as with their interpretation and analysis of juror behavior. I will be using Tsongas in future cases.”


- Carl Gilmore , K&L Gates, Seattle, WA

“I’ve relied on Tsongas for a variety of different matters across the country. Whether for strategy development, research, witness preparation or focusing themes and language for trial, their deliver practical information that always improves my chances of success.”

- Eric P. Schoonveld , Hall, Prangle & Schoonveld, Chicago, IL

“I have used various combinations of the services that Tsongas offers. Each time, I have been able to substantially improve the presentation of my client’s case. Getting Tsongas’s perspective on the appropriate story line and on visuals has helped me see the holes more clearly, and find ways to fill them. Taking the time to practice and hone my presentation before real people, instead of the bathroom mirror, has proven worth its weight in gold.”

- Rosemary Daszkiewicz , Plum Creek, Seattle, WA

“Your research, consultation, experience and judgment were extremely helpful to the plaintiffs at each stage of trial preparation. We were very happy to have you on our side in the Exxon Valdez litigation. Your entire trial consulting staff was great to work with. We think you are the best in the world at what you do.”

- Brian B. O’Neill and Lori Ann Wagner , Faegre & Benson LLP, Minneapolis, MN

“I wanted to take a moment to offer my sincere thanks to Tsongas for the great work you are doing for us and our clients. In the field of admiralty and maritime law, bench trials are the norm and jury trials are relatively infrequent. Your approach to how jurors think and what is persuasive to them, particularly involving technical contract issues, has been invaluable. Your minds are agile and analytical, and your personal involvement in these cases is the primary reason we recommend that our clients use your jury consulting firm.”

- Matthew C. Crane , Bauer Moynihan & Johnson LLP, Seattle, WA