Theodore O. Prosise Ph.D. | Vice President & Senior Consultant

Ted Prosise is the Vice President and Senior Consultant for Tsongas Litigation Consulting. With over 19 years of experience as a trial and jury consultant, Ted brings a deep and broad-based understanding of theories and principles of communication, individual and group decision-making, and messaging to any legal strategy plan. His civil litigation specialties include:

  • Employment
  • Complex Commercial
  • Trade Secret and Intellectual Property
  • Fraud
  • Breach of Contract and Fiduciary Duty
  • Product Liability
  • Securities
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Tort Defense
  • Class Action
  • Defense of Municipal Organizations (schools, law enforcement, cities, counties, and states)
  • Insurance Bad Faith
  • Securities
  • Construction Defect
  • Premises Liability
  • Legal Malpractice

Ted has a Ph.D. in Communication, with a specialization in argument, persuasion, and human reasoning. His extensive experience in communication theory includes being a former professor of communication at the University of Washington, CSU Long Beach, and San Diego University, where he was also the Director of Debate. As a Senior Consultant for Tsongas, Ted works closely with clients to build trial strategy, develop case stories and themes, prepare witnesses for deposition and trial, formulate jury selection strategy, enhance opening statement and closing argument, develop graphics and visual advocacy, conduct shadow juries, and design and implement mock trials and focus group exercises.

Ted has applied his skills and knowledge to over 200 jury trials throughout the country, including in Washington State, California, Oregon, Nevada, Montana, Texas, Ohio, and many other venues. He has prepared over 1,000 witnesses for deposition and trials, conducted over 200 mock trials and focus groups, selected over 200 juries, and conducted dozens of shadow juries.

In addition to his hands-on jury and trial activities, Ted is a thought leader in the field of jury consultation. He is a frequent presenter at the American Employment Litigation Counsel, the American Inns of Court, the Washington Defense Trial Lawyers Conference, and the King County Bar Association. He also has numerous publications focused on topics such as:

  • Winning the “unwinnable case”
  • Assessing mock trial and focus group quality
  • The benefits of shadow juries
  • Unique approaches to conducting witness examinations
  • Graphics and jury decision-making
  • The key of spatial and orientational language to arm and motivate juries
  • Global MDL strategies
  • Defeating the reptile strategy
  • Jury composition as a product of trial length
  • Scientific jury selection