Laura L. Dominic | Senior Consultant

Joining the firm in 1997, Laura Dominic has served in multiple roles in hundreds of cases. She brings the skills of a communication professional to all trial consulting services. Examples include case strategy and the facilitation of effective witness testimony in deposition and courtroom settings. She facilitates, analyzes and prepares reports on pretrial research, including mock trials and focus groups, drawing on her background in quantitative and qualitative analysis. She provides analytic support for jury selection teams that develop high-risk juror profiles, supplemental juror questionnaires, and voir dire questions.

Dominic also brings to the Tsongas graphics team the ability to condense complex information into comprehensible and persuasive presentations. She works closely with attorneys in the development of strategic courtroom graphics.

Dominic received her master’s degree in Speech Communication from San Diego State University, where her primary research was in juror perceptions of witness credibility as affected by witness ethnicity and linguistic power. As a lecturer at the University, she developed and conducted programs in public speaking, nonverbal communication, advocacy and persuasion. Before joining the Tsongas organization, she provided communications consulting services for the San Diego Consulting Group, the Leadership Research Institute in San Diego, and the United States Marine Corps Recruiter Training School while instructing in verbal and nonverbal communication at several Southern California colleges. She is a member of the American Society of Trial Consultants.