Jeffrey Jarman, Ph.D.

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Jeffrey Jarman, Ph.D. (University of Kansas), is an Associate Consultant for Tsongas. He is also currently the Associate Director of the Elliott School of Communication and the Director of Debate and Forensics at Wichita State.

Dr. Jarman teaches classes in communication analysis, political communication and research methods, and plays an important role as a Tsongas Affiliate based in the heartland of America.  In his work with Tsongas over the last several years, he has effectively applied his understanding of persuasion, argument, and human communication dynamics to mock trial analysis and case strategy for litigation and trial.

Jarman also serves as the lead political analyst for the local NBC affiliate, KSN-TV.  He regularly comments on a broad range of topics including campaigns, speeches, debates and current political controversies. This special perspective adds a significant and unique dimension to his trial work.


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