Focus Group

Through a focus group you can:

  • Assess case strengths and weaknesses from a juror’s perspective
  • Uncover specific issues and problems that need to be addressed through discovery, witness work, and motion practices
  • Develop case themes and effective approaches to difficult issues
  • Inform and improve your overall case strategy

Research design

Focus group research is generally conducted in the trial venue or a matched venue. Multiple panels of jury-eligible participants are randomly recruited and carefully screened by our in-house recruitment department. These participants are exposed to information about the case, and then engage in a facilitator-led discussion. Exposure to case information can take several forms, such as summary case presentations by attorneys, brief statements read by facilitators, or presentations of exhibits or other visuals. Written questionnaires may be administered to obtain quantitative information about selected topics.

Work product

Tsongas provides a report of closed circuit notes with a summary of focus group participant profiles including social/demographic, experiential, and attitudinal information. Also included is a written analysis and recommendations along with DVD's of the focus groups.

Role of counsel

Counsel provides case information to present to focus group participants. This information typically takes the form of case or issue summaries, which Tsongas Litigation will assist counsel in drafting and presenting live or on video. Counsel is also responsible for preparing any relevant case documents or exhibits.

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