Witness Preparation Posts

  • Gender Differences in the Courtroom: Understanding and Capitalizaing on Factors that Impact Credibility

    Sue, Apr/May 2009 Laura Dominic and Jill Schmid, Ph.D. discuss gender differences in the courtroom by exploring: –The masculine/feminine communication continuum –Nature versus nurture: The socialization of boys and girls –The impact of gender on decision making – stereotypes and …

  • The Non-Testifying Expert in the Courtroom

    King County Bar Bulletin, September 2009 Jill Schmid and Tom O’Toole describe the many attitudes and experiences of jurors on employment cases. The authors discuss implications on the presentation of the case and jury selection. Read the Full Article Here:¬†http://tsongasit.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/The-Non-Testifying-Expert-in-the-Courtroom-article.pdf

  • Planning for Success: Three Ways to Better Manage Your Cases

    King County Bar Bulletin, October 2009 Tom O’Toole and Jill Schmid share three ways to better manage cases: 1) Use Your Narrative Framework to Guide Discovery; 2) Prepare Key Witnesses for Depositions, and; 3) Plan Ahead for Jury Selection. Read …