“I have worked with Tsongas trial consultants for many years and their work on a recent commercial case exemplifies why. Their insights contributed in every aspect of the trial. They were not just helpful, they were integral.”

- Stephen F. English , Perkins Coie, Portland, OR

“I’ve relied on Tsongas for a variety of different matters across the country. Whether for strategy development, research, witness preparation or focusing themes and language for trial, their deliver practical information that always improves my chances of success.”

- Eric P. Schoonveld , Hall, Prangle & Schoonveld, Chicago, IL

“I have used Tsongas Litigation Consulting several times in complex litigation. I found the experience to be invaluable. On a case that went to trial, the firm’s assistance in developing a jury questionnaire allowed us to accurately identify problem jurors, as well as jurors that would be receptive to our case. Pre-trial strategy sessions permitted us to identify case strengths and weaknesses, and a mock jury helped reveal juror’s thought processes. The witness preparation was helpful in permitting first time witnesses to overcome their fears of testifying before a jury.”

- Cynthia L. Ducey , Delaney, Wiles, Hayes, Gerety, Ellis & Young, Inc., Anchorage, Alaska

“I had the opportunity to work with Tsongas on all aspects of a complex legal malpractice case. Your insight into major themes of the case proved invaluable, and I was impressed by your ability to integrate the themes into exhibits and witness preparation. You brought clarity to a case I thought I knew well.”

- Elizabeth Fraley , Fraley & Fraley LLP, Dallas, TX

“I recently engaged Tsongas to aid in a securities arbitration hearing for a major client. The strategy session for arbitration that Tsongas provided helped us simplify and make the case theory more powerful. In addition, they helped us prepare a key witness for the arbitration, improving both the effectiveness and efficiency of his testimony, so that he could more accurately and powerfully convey case facts to the panel. Complementing the strategy and testimony were the demonstrative exhibits created by Tsongas, which further helped clarify and convey key points. These services were very helpful in securing a finding for our client.”

- Julie Thrall Burrow , Hendrickson, Chicago, IL

“I have worked with a myriad of trial consultants over the years and you are at the top of my list. I cannot thank you enough for your incredible and thoughtful advice and calm insights regarding jury selection, case strategy, graphics and the preparation of the most difficult witnesses in hard-fought, high-stakes intellectual property litigation. It has been a joy and pleasure to work with you.”

- Ken Keller , Kreig Keller Sloan Reilly & Roman LLP, San Francisco, CA

“I’ve been fortunate to have used Tsongas’ services for sharpening trial strategy, conducting focus groups, witness preparation, graphics and animations in both complex jury and court trials. Their team provides the highest level of trial consultant services, and I am very pleased at the results. I plan to use Tsongas in the future, and would strongly recommend them to my colleagues.”

- Richard Yugler , Landye Bennett Blumstein, Portland, OR

“I have worked with Tsongas jury consultants on my most significant Las Vegas jury cases in recent years, including breach of contract and fraud cases. Tsongas is reliable and responsive, providing top notch advice on case strategy, opening and closing arguments, litigation graphics conceptualization and production, witness analysis, and strategic jury selection. Its consultants offer a different and useful perspective on jury behaviors and principles of effective persuasion. Tsongas’ work reflects its understanding of our local jury pool, and its unique and detailed methods of detecting high risk juror bias merge quantitative analysis of juror characteristics with qualitative and insightful evaluations of prospective jurors. Tsongas provides efficient value, from inception through trial, and its services should be considered for all of your significant jury cases.”

- Peter C. Bernhard , Kaempfer Crowell, Las Vegas, NV

“Your research, consultation, experience and judgment were extremely helpful to the plaintiffs at each stage of trial preparation. We were very happy to have you on our side in the Exxon Valdez litigation. Your entire trial consulting staff was great to work with. We think you are the best in the world at what you do.”

- Brian B. O’Neill and Lori Ann Wagner , Faegre & Benson LLP, Minneapolis, MN

“I had the opportunity to work with members of the Tsongas Litigation team during a complex medical malpractice trial involving a number of sensitive ancillary issues including age, race and fame. With their help, we were able to present a forceful and spirited defense balanced against the careful handling of the potentially derisive aspects of the case. They were instrumental in developing case themes and refining critical issues as well as focusing a number of inexperienced and difficult witnesses. Importantly, they brought a sense of calm, grace and good humor to battle the stressors of trial. I look forward to working with Tsongas jury consultants on future matters.”

- Kenneth M. Webster , Hall Prangle & Schoonveld, Las Vegas, NV