I’ve been trying cases for more than 35 years and had never used a shadow jury.  In the past, I had concerns about both the courtroom logistics and cost of a shadow jury.  Now that I’ve completed a trial with the Tsongas team using a shadow jury, I am a believer.  The Tsongas approach is seamless, makes no additional demands on a busy trial team, and provides invaluable insights in an efficient format at the end of each trial day.  You actually get an answer to the question, “How are we doing?” from the perspective of a layperson and a good feel for what the jury may be thinking.  Ultimately, the feedback we obtain during our trial, and the thoughtful guidance Tsongas provided for our use of that information, played an important role in how we tried our case and allowed us to secure a favorable result.

- Peter E. Strand , Shook Hardy & Bacon, Kansas City, MO

I have relied on the sound wisdom and practical advice of the Tsongas team for years.  Their commitment to delivering excellent service is one of their strongest traits.  I recently worked with members of the team on the development of case themes, jury selection, opening statements, and closing arguments in three cases and the results have been excellent.  I would not hesitate to recommend the Tsongas team to those looking for reliable, dedicated, and valuable strategic litigation partner.

- Craig A. Thompson, Esq. , Venable LLP, Baltimore, MD

The concept of process graphics is deceptively simple, going to the core of the jury’s mission. Einstein was right – You must know something really well in order to explain it in simple terms. Thank you for coming in and giving students this sophisticated, insightful view of communication and persuasion. They will never forget it. I greatly value Tsongas’ support of trial advocacy education.

- William S. Bailey , University of Washington School of Law, Seattle, WA

“I would use Tsongas Litigation Consulting again in a heartbeat. I have tried a lot of jury cases over the years and have used jury consultants in many of them. But Tsongas’ consulting and advice were something unique. For a number of reasons, the complex commercial case was very challenging. The stakes were high; the other side had a hometown advantage; it was a high profile case, with tough case facts; and there was a potential bias against the client in the local jury pool. Tsongas was able to navigate us through all of it, with a patience and calmness that made everyone…including the client… comfortable. Tsongas’ personnel know how to develop case strategies, focused on themes and tactics that can reframe case issues in an understandable way for jurors. They know how to do mock trials, identifying the things that need to be changed for trial strategy and helping us implement them into the opening statement, the strategy for witness examinations, and the closing argument. They know how to select juries and how to prepare witnesses to tell the truth in a memorable and consistent manner, even under tough cross examination. The folks at Tsongas were an important part of the trial team, offering advice regarding trial strategy on a daily basis; and they contributed to an outstanding verdict for us and for our client.”

- James F. Hibey | Partner , Steptoe & Johnson LLP, Washington, DC 20036

Three months before we were set to try an employment case in federal court in Montana, we sought help from Tsongas. We were asserting three claims, each requiring a separate damage calculation, and the facts were more complicated than usual in such cases. We asked Tsongas to help us distill the story and to develop demonstrative exhibits. One of the exhibits Tsongas crafted was a timeline that proved to be invaluable (a half hour into deliberations, the jury sent a note asking for the timeline – and a calculator). After seeing the Tsongas exhibits, we decided to hire Tsongas to help prepare our client to testify so that he could tell the truth well. In a couple of intense sessions, Tsongas taught our client strategies that made him more confident on the stand and improved his ability to tell his story under cross and direct conditions. With Tsongas’s help, our client received a verdict that awarded both compensatory and punitive damages and that looks to be a record recovery for a Montana employee.

- Tom Singer , Axilon Law Group, PLLC, Billings, Montana

I recently used Tsongas jury consulting to assist in witness preparation and jury selection for a trial in downtown Los Angeles.  They immediately made themselves available and worked with our schedule, despite hurdles, including expanding their initial time commitment to add a couple of witnesses who needed more assistance than initially anticipated.  The primary benefit of their work was the significant increase in the witnesses’ self-confidence and comfort with the examination process.  Their knowledge of course did not change, but their ability to effectively convey that knowledge to the jury changed significantly, and they were no longer intimidated by the process.  The help with jury selection, especially where the judge requested voir dire of all 36 prospective jurors at once, was also very valuable. They know the ins and outs of the jury selection process and the LA jury pool very well.

- Claudette Wilson , Wilson Turner Kosmo LLP, San Diego, California

We have worked with Tsongas Jury Consultants for years. Recently we had the chance to work with Tsongas Trial Consultants in a plaintiff product liability case. It was a tough case, and we had only a modest budget for jury consulting, but we wanted to make sure we were on the right track and get their advice on how to execute the trial theme strategy, jury selection, and trial graphics. Tsongas got up to speed quickly and we worked collaboratively with them to develop, simplify, and refine trial themes. Their astute understanding of jury behavior allowed us to target the case themes to our jury; they assisted us in developing a comprehensive and practical jury selection strategy, and they worked with us to develop and produce a number of demonstrative exhibits to express our case themes and organize and frame our evidence visually for the jury. The jury verdict was a great success for our clients and we appreciate Tsongas’ professionalism, experience, and responsiveness to our particular needs. We look forward to using them again.

- Matthew J. Sekits , Bullivant Houser Bailey, PC

“Tsongas Consulting is well known in the Seattle legal arena. Our firm has called on Tsongas in numerous capacities through the years, but their services go beyond just jury trial consulting. Most recently we turned to them for some targeted advocacy training – an effort to enhance the effectiveness of one of our outstanding young female partners who was handling a very important arbitration for our client. Working closely to prepare her for a key opening statement in front of the tribunal, they helped refine the force of the argument, simplify the case themes, assess the nonverbal and verbal form and style, and suggested changes in the presentation style. With their background in argument theory and practice, and in public speaking and communication, the consultation sessions were very well conceived and executed, and well worth the expense. The engagement was well received by our partner and by our client and the argument in front of the tribunal went extremely well. I highly recommend Tsongas. They are exceptional at what they do.”

- Richard Yarmuth , Yarmuth Wilsdon PLLC, Seattle, WA

In the defense of a very challenging case in South Dakota, this firm recently engaged Tsongas to conduct a focus group and case strategy session for us. They were well prepared, efficient, effective, and engaged in every detail of their work. The focus group was well designed and implemented; we learned a great deal in a short period of time. The project was tailored to meet our specific needs. The cost was reasonable and well worth the time and expense. We got together immediately after the focus group results and incorporated their recommendations into our trial strategy. Their insight on framing the big picture themes of the case as well as how to deal with particular troublesome issues in the case was very useful. It all worked great and the jury came back with a defense verdict in a highly emotional and sympathetic case. Our client was very pleased with the service. We recommend Tsongas without reservations and look forward to working with them again.

- Edwin E. Evans , Evans Haigh & Hinton LLP, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

My colleagues and I have worked with Tsongas on theme development, jury selection, witness preparation, openings and closings in multiple product liability (prescription drug) cases.  Their insight has been invaluable in helping us shape an effective story and selecting the best juries possible.  They provide concrete suggestions and feedback in an efficient manner.  For all these reasons, they quickly became an integral part of our team.  We are better advocates because of their guidance.  I recommend them to anyone needing this type of jury consulting, and I look forward to working with them for many years to come.

- Sherry Knutson , Tucker Ellis LLP, Chicago, IL