Tsongas Litigation Consulting Facilities Tour

Tsongas maintains a high end Mock Courtroom and Deliberation and Focus Group Rooms at our trial consulting facility in Seattle, Washington.

The Tsongas Courtroom in Seattle is an ideal environment for witness preparation. The consultant assisting the attorney sits in the position of the juror. With the assistance of a video camera and monitor the consultant can show the witness how they appear from the perspective of a juror. This allows for greater communication "fidelity;" insuring the testimony given by the witness is received by the juror as it was intended by the witness.

The Seattle facility is run out of our Audio and Video Control Room. in this control room the Video Systems Manager uses a joystick to operate the direction and zoom of each wall mounted camera. Since the system is entirely digital, clients can leave after our debriefing meeting with DVDs of presentations, deliberations and focus group interviews.

Our Seattle facility has 3 rooms from which a mock jury can watch presentations and deliberate as well as be interviewed by one of our consultants.

The Tsongas Courtroom in Seattle is also an ideal environment for mock-trials, mock bench trials, focus groups, mock jury selection, and preparing for opening statement and closing argument.

The closed ciruit room in our Seattle facility allows for an attorney or entire trial team to observe mock juror feedback. The wide angle cameras and monitors as well as ultra-sensitive microphones embedded in the deliberation room ceilings were designed specifically for mock juries and created an experience like no other. Hosted by one of our consultants, this state-of-the-art feedback room is the ideal environment to test your case.

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