About Us

The Tsongas team works with counsel and clients in all aspects of trial preparation. We have gained invaluable experience through our work with thousands of parties, witnesses, juries and judges.  Tsongas’ trial consulting experience uniquely positions our firm to meet client needs in any location, on a wide range of cases to help solve wide range of problems. Founded in 1978 in formative years of jury consulting, Tsongas has decades of experience assisting attorneys and organizations in preparation for trial, mediation, and arbitration. The firm provides a full range of research and consulting services, including case strategy, community attitude surveys, pre-trial jury research, identification of key issues, development of case themes, witness preparation, jury selection, courtroom visuals, assistance with opening statement and closing argument, and post-trial juror interviews.

Our professional staff consists of trial and graphics consultants. Our trial consultants have advanced education in the social sciences and communication, and our graphics consultants have extensive experience in visual advocacy and strategy. All Tsongas consultants are members of the American Society of Trial Consultants (ASTC), which we were founding members of in 1982. Tsongas consultants are widely experienced in virtually every type of civil and criminal litigation. We have provided a competitive advantage for counsel representing plaintiffs and defendants in thousands of cases, tried in 47 states and in Canada.

Our goal is to fully integrate all of our consulting services so that they complement and build upon each other. In addition, we work to coordinate and incorporate the informational elements of one service into another so that we maximize our ability to assist you as efficiently as possible. The services we offer combine to provide a comprehensive package of pre-trial and trial assistance which is based on case developments, your time frame, budgetary considerations, and the information we gather from our research and consulting services at key stages in the pre-trial process.